If you are ready to ditch your boring gym workout and finally make a total body transformation, then the Elite Fitness Boot Camp is for YOU! Using creative, challenging, and effective exercises, this 60-minute boot camp is all about pushing you to get the results you want!

We’ve mixed nearly every exercise and technique to put together the most diverse, results driven boot camp in the area. Our certified personal trainers use their expertise and great personalities to make this workout fun, informative, and KICK ASS!

So, if you’re ready to shed that extra weight, tone those muscles, and reveal the body you’ve always wanted, then it’s time to take action. Contact us for a complimentary session and experience some of our unique workouts, such as the battling ropes and around the worlds, firsthand.

What You Will Need:

Female participants are to bring dumbbells 10-12lbs depending on current fitness level. Male participants are to bring dumbbells 20-25lbs depending on current fitness level. Every boot camp participant should bring a yoga mat and water. Please be sure to bring these items to each class.

Class Dates & Times:
CLASSES WILL RESUME IN THE FALL.  Please vist our Outdoor Fitness Series page for current classes.



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